Zappit, No Signal, No Problem

Zappit is an application that allows brands to manage QR Code voucher campaigns, create bespoke mobile ready websites and engagement emails, and monitor realtime engagement activity. When the generated QR Code is scanned with the Zappit app users with a mobile signal are sent the voucher and an email per scan as a reminder of their engagement. A nice feature is that the Zappit app allows users to scan Zappit QR Codes without a mobile signal. Once the signal is restored the app auto syncs and the engagement process continues. If a standard QR Code scanner is used the user is redirected to a mobile ready landing page (part of the campaign set up) where they can complete a short form to receive the voucher via email.

Screen shots of the Zappit app in action

2 thoughts on “Zappit, No Signal, No Problem”

  1. Hey Patrick, glad you like the app. We’ve been having some fun with it doing some stuff on our Facebook page ( – we just created a secret scan so users can test out exactly how it works etc.

    Right now we’re working on updates for the analytics so brands running campaigns can see accurate breakdowns of scans by geo-location, date and time (to the hour), device, operating system, age and gender. More to follow…

    Hope you continue to enjoy it,

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