Will YouTube Use QR Codes Soon?

Will YouTube be making use of QR Codes soon? The worlds second largest video streaming site Youku (400 million plus daily video views) is China’s YouTube equivalent and they have just added a QR Code to every video (image below). There are probably two reasons for this move. Firstly China’s mobile internet users (390 million) exceed the number of desktop users and secondly unlike YouTube who have a 15 minute default limit Youku allows users to upload videos irrespective of length. After starting to view a video on their desktop the QR Code gives users the opportunity to continue viewing on their smartphone. This looks like a useful feature, so will YouTube do the same?

Youku's QR Code icon displayed on every video

3 thoughts on “Will YouTube Use QR Codes Soon?”

  1. Although the intention is to make it easier for users to “transfer” the video to their smartphones, there are probably better alternatives to do so.

    I personally feel that scanning of the QR code in this case is as good as bookmarking the URL link. If so, solution like “Pocket” should provide a better user experience.

  2. Your solution requires that the desktop you are watching the video on also has the “Pocket” app. If it is not your desktop, say it’s in-store, what do you do?

  3. Point taken that the desktop might not be mine and doesn’t have the browser extension to safe. But there are always other options in adding entry to Pocket, like emailing, etc.

    Anyway, I am sure that adding the QR code option will definitely be useful to some users. I just don’t know how big or small this group will be.

    There are always pros and cons. For example, for the QR code to work, we must then assume that users must own smartphones, etc. There are just too many factors to consider without knowing the profile of who our main target audiences are. 🙂

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