Yellow Pages QR Codes Misplaced

In December Yell will place two QR Codes on the front covers of the Edinburgh and Cardiff editions of the Yellow Pages. The two codes will resolve to local cinema and weather information provided by the Press Association. Yell claim in the Press Release this is an attempt “to test the potential of using this technology”. Of course the test is flawed and the results will be meaningless as no one in their right mind turns to the Yellow Pages for this kind of information. However you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that in a few years time every business will have the option to place a QR Code pointing to their website alongside their entry. That is where users of the Yellow Pages will find QR Codes very useful and where the tests should have been be conducted.

Yellow Pages cover showing two QR Codes

4 thoughts on “Yellow Pages QR Codes Misplaced”

  1. Quite right Roger. Actually linking codes to url’s will not only be prominent but should and will also be free. So, if the likes of YELL wish to monetize this or make it work better for advertisers and the consumer then it needs to offer consumers more than just a QR and a decoder…

    That is possible now and would really benefit all parties concerned.


  2. The possibilities of these codes are huge, looking at the retail potential is where the money is at, and if i were working in that arena i would be right onto this now…..set a trend dont follow one is my motto……shame i cant do that in the FS industry! 🙁

  3. I think it must be defined a schema for metadata (like XML) so that I can also save information in my phone to keep them organized.

    An URL stand alone is good for instant use but not for keeping it.

  4. Yet another QR Fail! No one who knows how to use or even has a slight interest in QR codes would turn to the *printed* version of the Yellow pages for anything! What a waste…

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