New World Record QR Code

In a well prepared and months in the planning operation Youth Charity Youth Unlimited North York, Toronto has set a new world record for the world’s largest QR Code, raising a substantial sum in the process (video below). 1,369 black and white 4 foot squares, that had been purchased or sponsored, were laid out in the Esther Shiner Stadium by volunteers and formed into a QR Code. At 21,904 square feet the QR Code exceed the 15,625 square feet previous world record set in St-Janvier de Mirabel, Quebec by Air Fest in February 2012. The QR Code is Version 5-H, Mask 6, encoded in byte and resolves to If you would like to donate to this enterprising and worthwhile charity you can do so here.

Building the new world record QR Code in Toronto

Edit: June 18, 2012 Time lapse video added.


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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I just wanted to share with you that all 1369 of the black and white tiles were generously donated (and now that the event is over, will be reused and recycled). Thanks!

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