New World Record Human QR Code

QR Codes formed from contrasting color umbrellas, held aloft by people, seems to be a popular activity in East Asia. See for example previous QR Codes in Taiwan and the ex-world record “human” QR Code in Shenzhen, China. On April 28 Coca-Cola in Zhengzhou City, China set a new world record “human” QR Code of 2,503 square meters (approx 27,000 square feet) when 2,499 employees and their families held up their red and white umbrellas (images below). The four Chinese characters in the center of the QR Code translate as “I love my family” which is the company slogan for the local Coca-Cola enterprise. The QR Code itself resolves to a download of WeChat, the predominantly Chinese mobile text and voice messaging communication service with over 355 million active users.

The umbrellas ready to be put up
Everybody at the ready with their umbrellas
Umbrellas up
World record certificate

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