A Winning QR Code Campaign

Leo Burnett won a Gold Medal at this years Cannes Advertising Festival for its ‘Hidden Sounds’ QR Code campaign promoting 14 indie bands (the hidden sounds) for Zoo Records, an alternative music store in Hong Kong. The QR Codes were assembled into the shapes of animals that live hidden in the city and posted all over the streets of Hong Kong. Scanning the codes in the animals allowed users to read more information about a band and hear their music. They could also purchase the songs directly as well as share them on social media. The campaign was considered a success by the volume of sharing on blogs and social networks and the fact that more than half of the 14 bands sold out their albums within the first week. The video below shows elements of the campaign with an English commentary, starting at the 30sec mark.

6 thoughts on “A Winning QR Code Campaign”

  1. This is great stuff. kudos! Spreehive is launching out of Providence, RI and we have several innovative plans for QR Codes.

    Our SpreeSpots feature rivals that of Google Places.

    We believe this technology is a great way for small and medium sized businesses to level the playing field!

  2. Perfect timing for me! I teamed up with a local digital guru for bands and a major sports team for Band Spots during games. QR codes will be a part of it! Thanks for the awesomeness-


  3. Awesome application of these codes! Was any information captured from the people accessing these codes? It would be real interesting to quantify the results beyond 50% of the participating bands selling their stocks of CD’s. This could be the beginning of a conversation with each person accessing the codes.

  4. This is a great look into the future of marketing. The ability to make the elements around us interactive is great. I think this is only the beginning of what’s to come.

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