14 thoughts on “Why QR Codes Will Succeed”

  1. Very funny. Definitely an incentive for established marketing firms to adopt and promote the technology. More projects, more revenue. Thanks for maintaining this blog.

  2. rofl – you have to admit that even people in the space who should know better get lost in the ‘technology’ rather than the ‘call to action/benefit’.

    shame the cartoon isn’t embeddable

  3. Perfectly sums up the current situation. In a couple of years we will hopefully look back and laugh at this video even harder. Companies (like the one we are about to launch) are popping up that will become the thought leaders in this industry and be the ones to educate the brands and the consumers about the potential of QR technology as a marketing platform.

    P.S. Movie is embeddable here – http://www.xtranormal.com/watch?e=20091008011056499


  4. Absolutely hilarious. I agree it will be even funnier when we look back at it in 12 – 24 months.

    TIAA-CREF announcement of use of QR is another example of marketing community starting to get it.

  5. This is fantastically funny.

    It also a great commentary on why we are seeing the most popular consumer apps are using 1D UPC/EAN. I believe RedLaser’s app is now the number two paid app in the Apple store. ShopSavvy is growing rapidly.

    In the end, the whole concept is dependent on major consumer brands spending billions to educate consumers on 2D codes.

    As camera phones improve and software takes new advances, the case for unit-level 2D codes will fade away. Will mobile barcoding be a big deal? Yes. Will QR survive the technology culling? Not likely.

  6. Other than the lovely QR code, I found the EZcode from the ScanLife seems to be making big commercial moves with the operators, brands, and handset manufacturers.

    According to ScanLife the EZcode is more size-efficient than the DM and QR. I wonder if the EZcode is quietly and surely taking up the market share?

    Is there any 2D barcode market share numbers out there to give us a better sense of the moves from different fronts (codes)?

  7. Hilarious video, well done!

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