World’s First QR Code Wedding Cake

Nina Notaro, pastry chef/owner of Cake Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada has created the world’s first QR Code wedding cake (image below). The cake made its appearence at this past weekend’s Wonderful Wedding Show at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. This contemporary square design, featured a four tiered white fondant cake with the edible QR Code applied on all four sides of a cube tier. Adorning this wedding cake were handmade sugarpaste Cattleya Orchids with buds, black satin ribbon with square rhinestone buckles. The QR Code resolves to a mobile version of the Cake Studio website. Well done Nina!

Qr Code on the wedding cake

6 thoughts on “World’s First QR Code Wedding Cake”

  1. I’m actually a little disappointed with this. It looks inelegant (not how a wedding cake should look!) and doesn’t add value to the consumer. Integrating QRs into wedding cakes that link to photos, videos, etc of the couple would be interesting.

  2. Hello Roger!

    Good to see someone else trying out the QR Code in an icing format… 🙂

    Been Experimenting with QR Codes and Cakes for a while over here in Scarborough UK… Will send some words and pictures on the subject for you next week 🙂

    Things are progressing quickly now that quite alot of Christmas presents were smartphones and downloading apps is becoming second nature 🙂

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