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(Added: January 18th, 2010 A QR Coded LinkedIn profile maybe a good idea)?

Have you put a QR Code on your business card? Maybe you have considered it but decided that the technology for reading QR Codes is not widespread enough to make it a useful addition.

You may be right about the limited use of the technology at the moment but here is something to think about. A survey in September 2008 by Kyp Systems showed that while exchanging business cards among professionals is still ‘de rigueur’ in the digital age, only 38% of people actually read them. However 87% said they were more likely to keep, look at and share business cards with eye catching and innovative design.

So if you can attract attention in an inventive way by incorporating a QR Code does it really matter that very few recipients will decode it on their mobile device?

It is exactly a year since I wrote QR Code on a Business Card and I have been experimenting ever since. The latest version (image below) is very well received. Recipients always ask questions about it and it gives me the opportunity to explain and talk about my interests. I also find that people show my card to their colleagues or even ask for a few to hand around (which is not something that used to happen often with the old classic business cards).

So try it to see if it works for you and create a cutting-edge Web 2.0 business card, I am not a designer so I am sure you can do better than mine!


Business card with a QR Code for a Skype number


Business card witha QR Code for a Twitter account

17 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Business Card”

  1. Do you know a QRcode reader able to save the Vcards? I have found QRcodes able to read the codes but unable to save it. I would like an answer from you.

    Interesting post.

    Best regards.

    – Hugo

  2. @Hugo The functionality to save vCard format to your contacts should be in your mobile’s software not in the QR Code reader software.

  3. I will like to add a QR code to my business card, but I have some questions I hope you can answer me.

    1. I will like to have an offline qr code with mecard format contact information (name, tel, cel, email, company, url), is this the best way to do it?

    2. What is the recommended size of que qr code (module width) for this amount of info, so as many mobiles can scan it?



  4. @manual You could just have a url leading to a page with all your details, which results in a smaller size QR Code. However if you prefer to have the data embedded in the code then I would use the meCard format. It is after all the format used on Google employees business cards! You’re going to have to experiment on size because it depends how much data you are including in your meCard format. Don’t forget to leave a big enough border around the code, the border on my card above will be increased in the next version.

  5. @Roger thank you for your recommendation, I will use MECARD format and experiment to get a good size code. What reader are you using?


  6. Hi Roger,

    How did you manage to decorate your QR code? Did you do it yourself or with the help of a designer?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

  7. Does any one know of Smart Phone applications that can import a vcard (in QR code format) into the address book?

  8. @Andre, I don’t know if your question is still valid, but ixMAT scanner, a free app on the Google phone, has the option to scan a contact-QRcode and save it to your contacts.

    @Roger, thanks for the post.. I was toying with the idea but will definately be using a QR code on my cards, too

  9. @Andre

    On iPhone, I’m finding Mobiletag and QR app are among the few that will actually allow you to press a button to add the Vcard or MEcard to Contacts.

  10. Hi,

    QRky (www.qrky.co.uk) are offering a professional service which uses QR codes to link data to business cards.

    Rather than encode entire vCards (which make the codes large and static), QRky link to a specifically designed “profile”. From there, users can download all the contact data into their phone (as vCards etc, depending on the phone and what it requires) and users can link almost any online content they like to the profile (pictures, videos etc).

    Because all the information is hosted in the cloud, it can all be updated – so you’re card is always up to date!

    Would be interested to hear what you think!


  11. You could embed a keyin code in a QR code then you can include as much info on your vCard “including pictures etc” and keep the size of the QU code very small. There are two ways to do it:

    1 – direct to the vCard, eg, try this QR code, http://bit.ly/comnqq


    2 – direct them to the subscribe page. Try this QR code as well, http://bit.ly/9LY9Dd

    Option two (above) notifies people when you update your details, so they wont lose touch.

    cheers Graham

  12. Hi Roger,

    Firstly, thank you very much for including my QR code idea on your website (Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant). It’s very exciting to be one of the first.

    I’m reading with great interest your post on QR codes on business cards. It is something I very much want to do, and I’d like to ask you:

    I have been using the bump app to share contact information on an iphone, but I’m liking your idea of using your linkedin profile.

    What would you recommend the quickest most efficient contact link be?

    Thanks Roger!!


  13. If you want to design stylish business cards, mini cards or stickers that have QR Codes on them, you can use this free online generator: http://bit.ly/hX5DbJ

    The generator has been integrated with Moo (www.moo.com) the company that does the printing.


  14. We were impressed by the quality of the QR Code and MS Tags business cards that Moo printed for us. They look fantastic, and most importantly all the barcodes can be scanned regardless of the size, color and transparency levels that we set using the online generator! You can see the business cards here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=35347&id=101285226579987&l=390ef79829

    The cards were designed by the free online generator http://www.ventipix.com/vpx_qrcode_mstags_business_cards.php

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