More Virtual Grocery Stores For Commuters

Peapod’s February trial of virtual grocery stores in Philadelphia must have gone well. The Internet grocer is rolling out 100 similar stores at commuter rail stations in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Connecticut, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Commuters scan a QR Code on the billboards to download the Peapod app and start shopping by scanning the UPC bar codes of the products displayed. Products are staples such as milk, bread, coffee, fruit, vegetables, cleaning products etc., and additionally in Chicago, hometown brands such as Wildfire, Big Bowl, Chicago Butter Cookies and Goose Island Beer (image below). Users of the app are not limited to the products in the virtual stores and have access to the full range of Peapod’s 11,000+ grocery items.

Peapods shopping wall in a Chicago station
QR Code virtual station store

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