B2B QR Code Livery

A commercial and industrial electrical contractor, William Dyer Electrical UK Ltd has included a QR Code in the livery for its brand new fleet of 14 vehicles (image below). This is one of the first B2B QR Codes I have seen displayed in this way. The code resolves to a mobile website with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn links and the company contact details. Interestingly the QR Code on the van below scans as a bitly URL so the scanning statistics are public, which in my view shows a degree of openness and confidence – both good qualities in a contractor!

QR Code on the back of a van

1 thought on “B2B QR Code Livery”

  1. This is an extremely forward thinking organisation that has fully embraced all aspects of Marketing in a Digital World.

    WM Dyer also feature the QR on all stationery and on their website.

    I predict that the QR on the livery in particular will be a huge success!

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