USA Today Ditches Microsoft Tag For QR Codes

Eleven months ago the front page of USA Today declared that the paper would be using Microsoft Tags to provide readers with access to daily photo galleries, the latest financial news, sports scores, video and other digital features. Today AT&T have announced that “AT&T Mobile Barcodes” are now featured in USA Today in every section. “AT&T Mobile Barcodes” are of course simply QR Codes and AT&T acknowledge this by saying that USA Today readers can use nearly any QR scanning application. Why AT&T continues with this masquerade is a mystery, particularly as only a very small minority of the QR Codes will be scanned with the AT&T Code Scanner.

Part of the front page of today’s edition of USA Today.

Part of the front page of USA Today with a QR Code

2 thoughts on “USA Today Ditches Microsoft Tag For QR Codes”

  1. Three cheers to AT&T for helping to promote mobile barcodes in such a widely distributed daily publication.

    I use their code scanner app a lot since it was preloaded on my android device, and it’s already saved me hundreds of dollars with it’s product scanning feature. I still don’t run into a lot of QR codes, but maybe now with USA Today raising awareness, maybe more will become available.

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