Kim Holmberg has emailed and pointed out UpCode Ltd., a company based in Finland that has rebranded Datamatrix codes as Upcodes. Their services include providing server based content at a price or free for non-commercial and non-professional use.

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  1. Hi There,

    Thanks for the comment but actually they are not rebranded Data Matrix’s 2D’s as UpCodes. UpCode is just the company name and name of the ‘system’ for Optical Reading (mainly with Mobile.)

    I personally created the brand name as the company in Finland was and still is a printing house called UPC Print. The MD is a bit of an inventor and began working with the codes and mobile as VTT Technical Research in Finland had made great progress in this field.

    When he started to discuss building this extra business he just used a DM code and no branding or anything! So I used the UPC and the word Code and made UpCode + then designed a logo to surround the code that would not interfere with the reading of it. Hence UpCode and the brand + logo.

    That’s the factual story behind it !

    Find out more about UpCode and what we do at http://www.upcode.com

    Mark Hendriksen
    UpCode [Mobile Solutions]

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