The University of Bristol QR Code Campaign

The 150 year old Clifton Suspension Bridge, the symbol of the city of Bristol UK, features on QR Code billboards at Birmingham and Paddington Stations this week (images below). The University of Bristol is promoting additional places for study in 2012 with billboard and newspaper advertisements. The QR Code incorporated into the design resolves to webpages created specifically for the campaign. Images courtesy of Out of Home International.

Billboard at Paddington station with a QR Code
Graphic design of Clifton bridge with a QR Code
Clifton Suspension Bridge

3 thoughts on “The University of Bristol QR Code Campaign”

  1. I really like how they carried the pixelated look through the entire bridge in the ad. Even though the QR codes are obvious to the trained eye, I wonder if new QR code users will know what/where to scan.

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