Double QR Code Campaign

Scandinavian Airlines created this “2 for 1 offer it takes 2 to see” QR Code campaign after research showed that couples tend to book their trips when they are physically next to each other. 100,000 emails were sent containing two QR Codes resolving to different videos, one left and one right of a split screen (video below). Only by combining the videos did the offer make sense and the full promotional code then revealed. Every available ticket was sold during the week long campaign and as a promotional QR Code technique I think there are definitely possibilities for developing this idea further.

2 thoughts on “Double QR Code Campaign”

  1. Couldn’t you just make a note of what the first QR code featured and then scan the second QR code to piece the 2 together?
    Regardless, the advertising campaign was unique and sounds like it was a success.

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