Embed Your Twitter Avatar in a QR Code

The company responsible for the world’s first edible chocolate QR Code, Tokyo based IT DeSign have announced the release of a free QR Code generator that will embed your Twitter avatar in a QR Code resolving to your Twitter profile page (screenshot below). The generator is a mashup of the Twitter API and IT DeSign’s embedded QR Code generator API. The beta version of the generator is in English, free for personal use and online here.

Screenshot of the QR Code generator with an embedded Twitter avatar

3 thoughts on “Embed Your Twitter Avatar in a QR Code”

  1. No can do, get the message below on navigating to the link….

    “The server twi-qr.com at Please enter your ID and password requires a username and password.

    Warning: This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner (basic authentication without a secure connection”

  2. Worked for me! My Twitter avatar is hideous though, don’t think I’ll be using the QR any time soon but the API is cool.

  3. Must like Firefox or Safari. The box where you put your twitter name cannot be selected in a Mac environment. Would loved to have played around with it!

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