TV Scan & Shop QR Code

As a TV experiment HSN HD is using ‘scan & shop’ QR Codes during its Innovation Weekend Friday, October 7 until Monday, October 10. Apparently research showed that many viewers were purchasing items using the browser on their mobile phones and this gave HSN the idea for the experiment. The QR Code in the TV screenshot below resolves to a mobile page where the viewer can learn more about the product and make a purchase.

TV screenshot showing HSN's QR Code
HSN's mobile site screenshot

1 thought on “TV Scan & Shop QR Code”

  1. Don’t forget who their audience is, people lounging on their sofa. A code that small would actually require them to get up off their butts and actually open an app, scan, interact with a website…etc.

    Whereas, the standard practice for HSN customers is… press speed-dial on their home phone, and done.

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