Geo-targeted QR Codes on TV

When the Weather Channel displays a QR Code during weather reports every viewer seees the same code. However Japan’s national public broadcasting organization NHK will in the next few days be demonstrating a new technology that they have developed whereby TV owners can register their postal codes and other information within the actual TVs. This enables NHK to use their broadcasting system to send geo-specific or other specific QR Codes for display on the viewers screen. NHK are touting their new system for use as a community based information service in an emergency but it also looks like a great marketing tool to me.

NHK QR Code TV system

One thought on “Geo-targeted QR Codes on TV”

  1. Glad to see QR with geo-location application coming. Yes, this is going to be very powerful for QR ad as well.

    AT we’ve done things in this direction so far with additional features such as:
    1. QR with geocoding, e.g. a vista point QR comes with given Latitude/Longitude and leads viewers to LBS for the given L/L.
    2. Context Based Service Rule (CBSR) engine which applies the combination of L/L, devicd profile, date/time range, country/state/city, and determines appropriate QR redirection from a set of predefined choices.

    We’re able to do things like:
    Redirect this QR viewer to this mobile landing page with one of these mobile banners, if the viewer is using either iPhone or Blackberry, and he/she is in New York city, 2 weeks prior to the Valentine’s Day…

    It’s also a great learning process (we service provider and our users) in the tracking, analyzing, and refining of the CBSR set. This is going the direction of “1 QR 1 print thousand viewers thousand results”.
    So much serious fun for us!

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