True Blood QR Code

Following up on the Final LOST and First Designer QR Code on TV post below is the QR Code together with the ad it appeared in (at around 26 seconds). The QR Code resolves to a mobile site where fans can watch a clip of True Blood Series 3.

True Blood QR Code


26 May, 2010 Although the QR Code is only displayed briefly it is actually possible to scan in real-time using the auto detect setting on i-nigma’s QR Code reader as demonstrated in this video.


2 thoughts on “True Blood QR Code”

  1. It is theoretically possible to read it, if you’re using one of the ‘non-standard’ readers like i-nigma or NeoReader, but Android’s Barcode Scanner app doesn’t read it, and neither would Nokia’s preinstalled one on an E71.

    That’s not the end of the world though, but let me ask another question… Would this have been as successful if there hadn’t been an in-industry announcement and ‘marketing effort’ around the placement of the QR Code, presumably with some kind of warning before the advert to tell normal people (fans of True Blood) to 1) make sure they have a reader on their phone, and 2) make sure they have it focused on the screen for that split-second appearence.

    I can imaging that among the few people to pay attention to the minor details of that trailer (without being forewarned), there was probably a few minutes lost of a programme they were watching in order to rewind their TV, freeze-frame on it, search online to find out what the heck it was (maybe on True Blood fan forums if they exist), then going through the installation process, or just looking at the reply to the thread that said something like ‘it points here…’ with the URL.

    It’s a nice idea, but I think there are so many hurdles to this being a success outside of geekdom (not QR Codes, just this style of campaign) that I can’t see the stats being that great, although I’d love to be wrong and for this to turn into a trend.

  2. I know it’s rather late to reply on this one, but lots of people have DVRs these days. The very real success of this campaign was due in part to viewers ability to freeze the screen and then capture the tag.

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