Train QR Code Hits The Buffers

Arriva Trains Wales trial of QR Codes on trains has run into the buffers! The QR Codes are supposed to resolve to a PDF download of the train’s relevant timetable. However a reader has emailed me an image (below) of one of the trains showing the QR Code on the front of the Barry Island to Merthyr Tydfil train. This particular train’s QR Code resolves to the timetable for a totally different route, Swansea to Shrewsbury. The reader tells me that when he pointed this out to station staff they said that the company’s rolling stock was often moved around on the Arriva Trains network depending on service schedules and availability. Apparently the station staff have taken to betting on whether or not the next train’s QR Code resolves to the correct timetable.

Arriva Trains Wales rolling stock with a QR Code

2 thoughts on “Train QR Code Hits The Buffers”

  1. Hmm… I also don’t like the idea of leaning over the track to scan them as they are too small.

    However, many people get technology wrong at first – early steam trains were prone to exploding, so don’t think it is the end of QR codes.

    They should have used programmable QR codes such as Q-Action, then they could allocate a unique one to each train and change online where they resolve to.

    They could also use our Info-Point Wi-Fi web server units ( )to deliver the information over Wi-Fi, either at stations, or on the train.

  2. This use of QR code is quite silly as the code is static whereas the destination can change, as we can see with the dynamic panel on the top of the train …

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