Baseball Fans QR Codes And NFC Tags

It seems that combining NFC with QR Codes is becoming the norm at exhibitions and trade shows. At this weekends 2013 MLB All-Star FanFest in New York baseball cards, autographs and memorabilia are always popular and this year the trading card company, Topps are using QR Codes and NFC technology. Giant baseball cards (image below) featuring MLB All-Stars have QR Codes and NFC tags which fans can scan for a chance to win instant prizes. As users become more familiar with both technologies it would be interesting to know the ratio of NFC to QR Code scans.

Giant trade card with a QR Code and NFC tag

1 thought on “Baseball Fans QR Codes And NFC Tags”

  1. Hopefully the actual poster scans. It’s unfortunate that the folks who distribute this content don’t realize people will want to scan even if it’s on the web. Scanning isn’t just for print!

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