Tag Teams: Toyota & ToyoTag V Nissan & QR Code

Two of the world’s largest auto manufacturers announced the use in the U.S. of 2D barcodes, within 48 hours of each other this week.

Toyota is adopting SnapTag technology but calling it the ToyoTag (image below). Consumers with any camera phone can send a picture of the ToyoTag to a designated short code to obtain the content that Toyota is offering, or those with iPhone and Android devices can download the SnapTag Reader and scan the code for the same content.

Nissan is going to be using QR Codes on individual vehicle window stickers across its entire 2012 range, with the codes linking to additional vehicle information (image below). The mobile site will also include video based product overviews, incentive offers, dealer location support, dealer inventory and request a quote capability. (Nissan Press Release)

It seems somewhat paradoxical that Nissan has chosen to use an open technology invented by a Toyota subsidiary (Denso Wave) while Toyota themselves have chosen a proprietary technology.

Nissan QR Code and the associated mobile site
Toyota Toyotag

2 thoughts on “Tag Teams: Toyota & ToyoTag V Nissan & QR Code”

  1. I don’t understand why Toyota goes for a 4-step (scan, send, receive, browse) content access process instead of a 2-step access (scan, browse) process.

    In addition, why incur the extra cost of the short code usage?

    And short code restricts the audience to the limited coverage area, certainly NOT a global solution.

    Perhaps proxy of short code people sits in Toyota board?

  2. Actually, the great thing about SnapTags is that they are accessible via Snap and Send or Scan- so just like a QR code, you can access the content in a two step process.

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