QR Codes Really Are Ubiquitous In Tokyo

Mendy Mendelsohn emailed to say that on a recent business trip to Tokyo he photographed QR Codes in the wild and has now put them up as a Flicker set. He tells me that they were taken in just one excursion between meetings and without going out of his way. The three images (below) from the set show a convenience store with a QR Code resolving to a variety of discount coupons, an electricity pole with a QR Code that resolves to a site providing local information and a QR Code in a restaurant window that scans as an email address with simple registration for a discount scheme.

QR Codes in a Tokyo convenience store
QR Code on an electricity pole in TokyoTokyo restaurant window QR Code

2 thoughts on “QR Codes Really Are Ubiquitous In Tokyo”

  1. Thanks Roger.
    May I add that e-mails in QRcodes are very popular for joining loyalty clubs and mailing lists – similar to the typical use of SMS subscription in the West.

  2. The only surprise these days is when you see a poster, flyer, ad, billboard, product or campaign without a QR code.

    Mendy next time drop by the office. ; )

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