‘The Groop’ Wins Plagiarism Award

The Groop advertises itself as “An award winning, interactive design firm” and they have just won another. In a seriously competitive field they have been awarded the “2d code Plagiarism Trophy”. Their so called “Keynote presentation: So what’s a QR Code?” contains numerous images from this site without an iota of acknowledgment. Obviously good at presenting other peoples work as their own they apparently are not so good at communication having totally ignored my email on the subject. Anyway, well done ‘The Groop’ and may all your clients come with the same level of professional standards as you maintain yourselves.

2 thoughts on “‘The Groop’ Wins Plagiarism Award”

  1. I am not sure how using the images of others can be “unintentional”.

    Your correction has removed most of the copied images except slide 9 and slide 13.

    I have no objection to you using them, only that you do not acknowledge where they came from.

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