BBC Trailer Uses QR Code And Animation

Red Bee Media have produced the world’s first QR Code within an on-air animation (video below). The QR Code in the teaser trail for the BBC’s new fantasy/horror drama The Fades uses user agent detection to resolve to a BBC mobile site for the new series. I think the BBC mobile sites are setting a very high standard now for usability, do you agree?

BBC The Fades QR Code animation trailer

1 thought on “BBC Trailer Uses QR Code And Animation”

  1. It is good to see the BBC taking an interest in QR codes. I have seen SKY use them also and it looks promising that these codes are gathering momentum. I read a tweet recently from Charlie Brooker saying, “Basically if you’re thinking of putting a QR Code on an advert, don’t. You might as well put up a set of unnecessary stairs for me to climb.”
    He may not like them but at least they are gaining recognition. I have faith in them and think that they could soon be as common as their one dimensional ancestors.

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