Tesco’s QR Code Campaign in Realtime

The global retailer Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and the second largest measured by profits but it is the first in the world to publish its QR Code campaign statistics in real time. In what can only be called a stroke of genius Tesco has QR Coded print ads (image below) for “Call of Duty – Black Ops” with the bit.ly url shortener so that anyone can see the campaign statistics (image below). The QR Code resolves via the biy.ly url to a page were the game can be preordered. See how the campaign is progressing here. Thanks to Tesco’s Nick Lansley for the heads-up.

Campaign statistics for Tesco QR Code
Tesco QR Code ad for xbox game

8 thoughts on “Tesco’s QR Code Campaign in Realtime”

  1. haha –

    Microsoft products using qr codes. Love the irony.

    In terms of UX – maybe its just my phone, but it is darn hard to buy this game off my phone. Maybe its because the site doesnt fit my phone.
    If I was really into this game, I would rather watch a short trailer, and forward this message to my inbox and order when I got home.

    2 cents.

    Patrick, qrarts

  2. I saw the ad this morning in passing. Noticed the QR code but didn’t realise that Tesco were letting everyone see the stats through bit.ly. Interesting to see what happens with this.

  3. You’d think Tesco, as the second most profitable retailer in the world, would have got this right.

    The target website is difficult to navigate, fails meet the call-to-action appropriately by not presenting the link to pre-order prominently on load, and worst of all, my pre-oreder failed during checkout (on my iPhone) three times.

    Tesco could single-handedly bring QR to the masses, educate them and profit from them. But only if they take it seriously.

  4. The other thing, and this is not really Tesco’s fault, but the real-time results will be highly skewed by desktop clicks from links, such as the one above, which also appear on other blogs, including Nick Lansley’s.

    Tesco will not be able to measure the success of this campaign accurately because of this, and neither will it be able to measure through pre-orders if they fail during checkout.

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