3 thoughts on “Recent Designer QR Codes”

  1. @Mark I have received an email from SET with details of their testing procedures. They have asked me not to publish it in full because it contains commercially sensitive information but I have extracted a few points that may be of interest in this case.

    The testing procedures vary depending on the client and their geographical location. In Japan for example there is a special facility in Tokyo where they can test with hundreds of handsets dating back to the 90s. The testing facility scans the code over specified handsets and prepares a report on the scanability. Outside of Japan they again work with the client to determine which devices and which apps to ready the code for and then test accordingly.

    Two other things I hope I can mention are that they personally use around 40 different apps in the office and have an office leader board on speed and accuracy, which sounds fun. The other is that if their codes did not exceed their client’s expectations they would be out of business rather than franticly busy.

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