UK Teen QR Code Awareness

UK youth communications company Dubit has completed a country wide survey on teenage QR Code awareness. 72% of 11-18 year olds did not have or were unaware of QR Code scanning apps. When shown an image of a QR code only 43% correctly identified that it could be read by a mobile phone while 19% admitted they didn’t know what it was. 33% of those questioned correctly identified the image as a QR code, with 22% believing it was called an RFID tag and 12% labeling it as an infograph. Of the 19% of teens that had scanned QR Codes 74% said it was worth doing so.

3 thoughts on “UK Teen QR Code Awareness”

  1. That last point seems to be missed by everyone else reporting this survey – 74% said it was worth scanning.

    I’m not sure this is a huge issue, the take-up has been slow but steady and seems to be mainly people in their 20-40s rather than teenagers. It will get there, especially with more and more adverts and promotions including the codes.

  2. Is there any statistics on the smartphone penetration of 14-18 year olds in the US (high school age youth). I think this is an important factor in the awareness and use of QR codes. If they do not have a smart phone then why would they even have a need to be aware? I would love to know the stats on this age range in the US…not UK.

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