Taco Bell QR Code Generates 225,000 Scans

Taco Bell’s ESPN College Football campaign for the Bowl Championship Series generated over 225,000 scans. QR Codes on variety 12 pack taco boxes and accompanying soda cups resolved to analyst Mark May previewing upcoming games. The campaign launched on December 20th and ran until 3rd February but I would guess scanning dropped off considerably after the National Championship Game on January 7th.

QR Code management was provided by Snipp Interactive and CEO Atul Sabharwal made some interesting observations: “The volume of responses in the timeframe really underlines the strength of QR codes as a mobile response mechanism. It’s even more impressive when you consider that this wasn’t a contest, sweepstakes or giveaway, which have traditionally always generated high volumes of responses”.

Atul Sabharwal went on to say: “Taco Bell also deserves credit for putting the call to action front and center on their packaging. The QR code was large and in the middle of the packaging, and they also had the words “Scan The Code” in big font as well. Time and again we have seen that the prominence of the call to action has a huge impact on campaign response rates. Most brands shy away from making the QR code too prominent because it looks “ugly” and ruins the “design” of the collateral – but if what they want people to respond to their ad, that’s exactly what they need to do”.

Taco Bell QR Code on a soda cup

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