SXSW RightNow QR Code Scavenger Hunt

RightNow have a great looking QR Scavenger Hunt at SXSW. Players start by finding RightNow runners (black t-shirts that say #theGame_SXSW on the front and with a QR Code on the back (images below) and then prove it by submitting a photo via Twitpic. To get subsequent QR codes you will need to crack runner locations, activities and identities. Prizes include a Nikon D7000 kit and other goodies. The full game rules and the live Twitter image feed are online here . Start with a tweet “#theGame_SXSW I want to join!” and RightNow will tweet you back immediately with the first set of clues.

Images of the RightNow runners at SXSW

Tip: Sunday 12:30-1:30 at the Hyatt 🙂

2 thoughts on “SXSW RightNow QR Code Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Join us for yummy, EDIBLE QR codes during RightNow’s SXSW presentation “Social Hotline: How Social Media Impacts Crisis Communications.” Stop by 12:30 pm Sunday at the Hyatt, room Hill Country CD. Cheers…

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