The SUN Discovers QR Codes

The UK’s largest circulation daily newspaper The Sun has discovered QR codes.

In todays issue they have a picture of a model in a bikini holding a large QR code. The accompanying article explains “It looks like the grid for the most difficult puzzle ever devised – but this is the future of mobile phone technology. This is a QR code, a new kind of barcode, and it will revolutionalise the way you use your mobile – and the way you read your Sun. QR stands for Quick Response because when you scan it with your phone, it quickly responds with a link to the internet. And your technology-crazy Sun is going to be at the forefront of the revolution, delivering the mobile internet straight to your phone”. When decoded the QR code is a link to The Sun’s mobile website.

You can read more on The Sun’s website.

1 thought on “The SUN Discovers QR Codes”

  1. It’s a sign of things to come. What we don’t know is how many readers downloaded the QR code reader or what the response rate was. It’s the brands (or publishers like the Sun) who are going to kickstart the 2D mobile uptake in UK. Evidently the handset manufacturers and operators have better things to do – like introducing new models which all need optimising for 2D applications.

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