Sugar Cube QR Code

Zoltan emailed to tell me about Kitchen Budapest, a media lab who have started to play with QR codes – including this one made from sugar cubes that decodes to ‘Kibu’ (Kitchen budapest).

QR Code made from sugar cubes

8 thoughts on “Sugar Cube QR Code”

  1. @anon I had no trouble reading it on any of the mobile devices I tried. Use a different reader or upgrade your mobile device.

  2. This just resolves to the word “Kibu” on my phone, (iPhone with QuickMark QR Reader), shouldn’t it contain a URL or something?

    Roger – “Use a different reader or upgrade your mobile device”? If you actual want this technology to take off outside of japan you’re going to have to a little less patronising about it. I’m using an iPhone4 with brand new industry standard reader. Where else is there to go?

    Big fat FAIL, i’m afraid.

  3. I… really didn’t read any patronism in that 😮
    I-Nigma read it just fine on my iPhone 3GS, btw ^_^

  4. @anon – anything to do with the lack of contrast between the symbol and the outside (background?) just guessing – haven’t got an iPhone etc. to test it with!

  5. Also, it states in the article that it decodes to ‘KiBu’, thus, no fail. These codes decode to what ever was put in them and is not limited to (tho most often used for) URLs.

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