Successful Trade Show QR Codes

In the past we have seen some interesting QR Code usage at Trade Shows such as spamming CeBit ‘09 with over 9,000 QR Coded stickers (not to be recommended!) and the pioneering QR Code floor decal from Jason Pinto of InterlinkOne. One key to success is giving the attendees something to participate in and Trekk Cross-Media have been doing just that with their client NewPage Corporation, the largest coated paper manufacturer in North America. When attendees scan a QR Code for the first time they are taken to a mobile site where they are asked to create a username and to opt-in to receive text messages. Subsequently each time they scan a QR code they are returned to the mobile site to find a prize offer or a message that encourages them to keep scanning for a chance to win. At the booth a video monitor displays the usernames of the top 10 scanners along with a countdown to the grand prize giveaway. At one show almost 100 prizes were distributed and 14% of the attendees participated in the promotion by scanning a QR Code and creating a username.

Trade show images showing QR Codes

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