Spammers Trying Out QR Codes

San Diago based Web security gateway software company Websense is reporting that spammers are targeting mobile technology with QR Codes. A typical pharmaceutical spam email messages has been found with a legitimate shortened link that leads to a webpage with a QR Code. The QR Code resolves to the spam URL. The intended sequence is as follows:

  1. Link URL in email
  2. Resolves to a legitimate webpage (image below)
  3. Scanning the QR Code which decodes as
  4. Redirects to spam site (image below)

This seems like a very unlikely and convoluted way to dupe people into viewing the destination page with their mobile. Who is going to click on a link in an obvious spam email, then get out their mobile and scan a QR Code off their desktop where the highly suspicious destination URL is displayed alongside it?

QR Code spam webpageQR Code resolves to this spam webpage

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