Sotheby’s QR Code

Local realtors were among the first to use QR Codes by placing them on ‘For Sale’ signs, now the big brands are experimenting with them. Ads from high-end realtor Sotheby’s International are appearing today in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times with a QR Code (image below). The QR Code resolves to a mobile site from which the user can continue their property search from their mobile device. Sotheby’s is using Smarter Agent’s mobile platform.

Sotheby's newspaper property ad with a QR Code

1 thought on “Sotheby’s QR Code”

  1. Hi Roger,

    When I scan the code it takes me to the iPhone App store to download the Sothebys App.

    When I click on the “mobile site” link you provided in your post it takes me to the site but it looks as though it is not working great.

    For example click “homes for sale”/ “city search” / “california” / “city begins with L” / “Los Angeles” / “Search all of Los Angeles”

    Result – “Oops! An unexpected error has occurred”

    Scanning the QR Code and then needing to click 6 times to get an error message doesn’t seem like the best user experience. I am sure they will tweak it up but where was the QA testing before launch?


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