So You Think You Are A Social Media Expert?

I wrote this post after following up on a QR Code taxi door I saw for sale on eBay (image below).

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the most common job in the US is a ‘retail salesperson’. Those of us in marketing and with our feet on the ground know that this is not the case and that there are many more people in the world claiming to be ‘social media experts’ than salespersons 🙂 Admittedly claiming to be a social media expert and actually being one are two different things. However I doubt there are many who can describe the profile of a real social media expert or even know where to find one.

Let me introduce you to taxi driver Rixar Garcia who owns a Taxi in Oviedo, Northern Spain. He has his own blog, website, Twitter account, YouTube channel etc., and you can find links to all these and many others on his page.

There are many ways to hire Rixar’s taxi, all the usual methods like email and phone but in 2009 he was the first taxi to offer a booking service via Direct Message on Twitter.

Like most taxi drivers his favorite job is taking passengers to the airport. Passengers in his cab have access to a laptop, wifi and a printer so they can print out their boarding passes (for free) on the way there.

He has created a mobile phone app offering local tourist information.

In 2010 he made sure his taxi became a venue in Foursquare and began offering discounts for checkins. He put a vinyl sticker on his taxi advertising the discounts and posted an image of it with a tweet on Twitter. Foursquare tweeted about it and it became a top tweet with over a million people seeing the picture of his taxi.

In 2011 he raised sufficient funds on a crowdfunding platform to finance a 9,000 mile trip across America collecting foursquare badges and publicising himself and his taxi.

There are NFC stickers in his taxi, one for connecting to his wifi, one for contact Information and another for Foursquare checkin.

He does charity work, helps small businesses with their social media presence and gives talks on social media and geolocation.

He appears everywhere in Europe, in books, newspapers and magazines, and on TV and radio.

He speaks with everyone of his customers and uses the conversation to continually improve his business.

And the QR Code I saw on eBay? You guessed right, it belongs to Rixar Garcia, real social media marketing expert.

Taxi with a QR Code sticker on the door

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