QR Codes As Insults

Fans of two Turkish soccer teams show such intense rivalry that in the past when Karsiyaka play Göztepe there have been clashes with the police, fans have been arrested, police officers have been wounded and matches halted for half an hour. At yesterdays game Karisyaka fans unfurled a QR Code banner (image below) which scanned as text designed to insult Göztepe fans as much as possible and at the same time avoid immediate confiscation by officials. The offending text is shown below as a scanner screenshot rather than text, to avoid upsetting Google bot 🙂

The Kars?yaka fans unfurl their QR Code banner

Karsiyaka won 1-0.

The text of the fans banner

2 thoughts on “QR Codes As Insults”

  1. I would argue the real point of this sign was to get broadcasted around the net. I wonder if anyone on the other team could have even physically have scanned it? With the angles and distance, I dont think so. But, thats guerrilla marketing 101.

    -Patrick donnelly

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