QR Code + Smartphone = Presentation Remote

Uslide allows you to turn your smartphone into a presentation remote. You simply upload your PowerPoint presentation, PDF, Word or Excel document then on the presentation computer go to Uslide.net and scan the QR Code with your smartphone. Login and hit start and your presentation will load onto the computer you are presenting with. If you want you can leave the “share” feature on, share the link with a remote audience and have them join a conference call to participate. Looks like the days of loosing your usb drive and all those setup headaches are gone. The image below is the simple next/back display on the smartphone.

Smartphone screen when functioning as a remote

1 thought on “QR Code + Smartphone = Presentation Remote”

  1. I did not see this screen when I went to uslide.net. I did see a QR Code that I could not effectively scan. It looks like a great idea, just would like to understand it better.

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