Microsoft Tags in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition

Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit issue uses Microsoft Tags to allow readers to vote for their favorite, view behind the scenes videos, download Sports Illustrated new swimsuit app and various other interactions. Nellymoser designed and produced the mobile ux including detecting the device, the network and the speed all in realtime to create the best possible presentation for the users. (Full Press release).

Microsoft Tag from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 editioniPhone-showing-mobile-site

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Tags in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition”

  1. OK, it’s kind of humorous that the Tag posted above resolves to a non-mobile-optimized NellyMoser page!

    Now, to the SI campaign:

    First, MS Tag continues to steamroller over the competition to secure high profile accounts. And, in this case, they knocked out an existing vendor.

    But, the really interesting prospect here is to see how this year’s MS Tag campaign will compare to last year’s JAGTAG campaign on the annual Swimsuit Issue?

    I recollect JAGTAG stated they received about 100K scans (server side) last year? Maybe a bit more? Even if some percentage of those were ad and marketing folks just testing it out, it was a huge number (a year ago).

    Will MS Tag be as forthcoming with their scan numbers? If a proprietary Tag format vastly exceeds a non-smartphone/non-reader format, that’s going to tell us all a certain story – Or, “stories,” including user adoption of mobile web v. MMS, etc.

    In keeping with all the recent barcode hype, to be “equal” to last year’s campaign, this year’s MS Tag will need 7x-12x the number of scans to be in-line with the alleged general growth of the QR/2D market.

    So, will we see 700K scans of the SI Swimsuit Tag?

    That would be the largest, by far, QR or 2D campaign ever. If it falls short of that number, will people blame the proprietary format (an ever popular rant)? Or, would

  2. @Mark — Thanks. Yes, today it resolves to the SI site (which was probably not “live” until it’s official launch and the NM page was just a placeholder).

    That said, in first testing on an older Blackberry Browser – the videos do not play and I receive a “Replay Video” messages instead. Testing with a BOLT Browser (HTML.5 enabled) also would not play the video (with a Javascript error message showing up).

    On a 2.1 Android, it was fine. But, the reality is that 50% of smartphones are in the hands of Users with devices 2+ years old, not iOS and not Android.

    Basically, they are not delivering a high-end, optimized mobile video solution – they are delivering a very limited video solution. Even last year’s JAGTAG campaign delivered optimized video via MMS to a great number of devices.

    This could end up frustrating an awful lot of End Users and seems to unnecessarily limit the reach of the campaign (There are a few well known providers of optimized mobile video who could easily have delivered video to thousands of devices).

    The other issue I had was in looking at the “voting pages” where the thumbnails of the models were, well, just thumbnails without a larger image to open. All the models look like tiny dots with different dots of fabric on them. Impossible to differentiate on a mobile screen.

    I’d really thought this could be a huge success for a barcode campaign. They may get the scans, but, I think they’ll leave a number of people disappointed with the overall experience.

    Given this was NELLY MOSER and MICROSOFT TAG, I’m pretty shocked at the (lack) of quality experience delivered. There are some really smart people at both groups, coupled with Sports Illustrated and a co-op deal with NISSAN.

    Do they all have iPhones and Droids? Have they forgotten about the mass market of mobile users?

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