44% Of Consumers Showroom Frequently

Vibes second annual Mobile Consumer Report (first report here) suggests that showrooming has increased 156% since 2012, illustrating that it is now a mainstream shopping activity. An astonishing 44% of consumers showroom frequently and 36% use their mobile devices to shop more in-store than they did two years ago.

In-store scanning a QR Code or texting, for product information or an offer, has increased to 31% (2013) from 27% (2012). Interestingly 40% (186% increase from 2012) made a purchase they had not planned on making beforehand because of the information received. Using a store as a showroom to browse, and then buying from a competitor for a less expensive price is a reality that most retailers are struggling to deal with. Vibes has published an infographic (below) that suggests showrooming may be combated by personalization. (Full report here).

Infographic on combating showrooming

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