Retail Fashion Meets Art Meets QR Codes

Selfridges is displaying Hussein Chalayan’s Urban Mobility collection as a QR Coded artwork. Triangular steel rods of different heights displaying QR Codes, cities, districts and coordinates play on the travel reference. The QR Codes I have scanned are URLs that resolve to a Google Map location. The installation is a unique blend of retail fashion, art and technology and probably demonstrates why Selfridges was voted “Best Department Store in the World” by the International Association of Department Stores.

Selfridges QR Code fashion display
Hussein Chalayan QR Codes

4 thoughts on “Retail Fashion Meets Art Meets QR Codes”

  1. I scanned the Beijing one and got “(errorText: Unable to contact server”)

    But I got Rio to work.

    I REALLY wish that when you zoomed in enough, you saw a “streetview” picture of someone wearing this article of clothing.

    But in terms of the UX, I think on an abstract level its neat to think as a consumer that these clothes can “take you anywhere you want to go” . I think they were going for emotional transference and a kitchy tech display that feels modern. Very cool. Could be better, but very cool.

  2. I am not sure what “emotional transference” means….. See Steve’s post; but it does remind me of Susan.

    OK, beyond that –> good for Selfridges. We have manufacturer / retail clients we will show this to.

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