QR Code Campaign Gets 427,994 Scans In 6 Weeks

Scanbuy has released its ScanLife Q3 2011 Trend Report and in this edition is looking at just how far mobile barcodes have come in the last 12 months. The data in the report was pulled from the ScanLife Reporting Platform and represents traffic from both 2D Codes and UPC barcodes but the single best QR Code marketing campaign powered by the system had 427,994 scans in 6 weeks. (Added 3hrs after posting: I have had a few emails asking ‘what was the campaign that generated over 400K+ scans’ because it is not specifically named in the report. I believe this to be the Taco Bell promotion which ran from 7/21/11 and 9/4/11. Taco Bell put QR Codes on the Big Box Remixed and the Large Fountain Drink which resolved to exclusive MTV content related to their sponsorship of MTV‘s Video Music Awards).

Reproduced below is the 2D specific section of the report and you can download the full report from here.

Key Takeaways:

  • The number of codes published by marketers and media providers continues to drive overall scan growth, and our system alone generated over 44,000 new 2D codes.
  • As the ecosystem grows, so do the results. A year ago, our single largest marketing campaign saw 65,000 scans, and a customer just completed a 6-week campaign that netted over 400,000 scans.
  • The average scans per code has also increased 39% showing that all publishers are benefiting from consumer adoption.
Scanlife comparison 2010 to 2011 2d code usage

2 thoughts on “QR Code Campaign Gets 427,994 Scans In 6 Weeks”

  1. This just reinforces that QR codes CAN be received well IF they are used in combination with the correct entry point on a major print/ package campaign.

    I wonder what the server side engagement analytics were? That might be more interesting to see what the drop off was or completion. After all, impressions does not equal engagement.

    However, I am so happy that Scanlife continues to push QR and help people learn about how to use them.

    -Patrick Donnelly

  2. Nice to see that the popularity continues to grow for QR codes. I wonder if certain product will start to become a staple for the QR code. Where you buy the product and expect the QR Code too. Future will be interesting.

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