ScanLife Q2 2012 Trend Report Infographic

ScanLife have produced an infographic for their Q2 2012 Trend Report (image below). The data in the infographic was pulled from the ScanLife Reporting Platform and represents traffic from both QR Code and UPC scans. The gender split (69% male, 31% female) and the OS split (53% Android, 43% iOS, 4% other) are slightly surprising. However I was more interested by the ‘single largest QR Code campaign’ that resulted in over two million scans so I requested more info from ScanLife. I have been told the client has not given permission to be identified, which is fair enough, so I am going to guess! I think it may have been the QR Code Coke Cans ScanLife did for the European Football Championship.

ScanLife Q2 2012 Trend Report infographic

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  1. These infographics are fine and dandy, but it’s ScanLife’s platform that falls short. Create and Track companies, like ScanLife, use an indirect approach to content that creates fail points and latency in every campaign on their platform.
    ScanLife has no choice but to use an indirect approach to content in order to collect the data which it sells you and, unfortunately, that data cannot tell you what you really need to know about your mobile campaign.

    ScanLife’s statistics let you know that someone scanned a code at a certain time, on a certain phone. What they cannot tell you are things like how long someone stayed, what they looked at, if they shared it and if those people they shared it with – came back. This information is referred to as User Behavior or User Experience and ScanLife has no vested interest in measuring user experience, because they have no vested interest in hosting content which is the reason a lot of clients on the ScanLife platform point their codes to less than desirable experiences – a bad practice (pointing to non-mobile content) which has come full circle to hurt the entire channel.

    So, tracking codes can’t tell you what you need to know and the method by which ScanLife uses to provide this data compromises the integrity of each campaign – it’s that simple.

    Good mobile engagement has never been about the code. Those who focus on good mobile engagement, and tracking it, are the one’s who execute the best mobile advertising.

    Philip Warbasse

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