Scanbuy Announces Advanced Analytics Platform

There are a limited number of metrics you can aquire with managed QR Codes but Scanbuy has wrapped them up in its new ‘mVision Insights’ on the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform. According to Scanbuy marketers using mobile engagement triggers such as QR Codes, NFC and Microsoft Tag in their campaigns can now:

  • See how many users are being retained across traditional media activity from print ads to in-store displays
  • View exactly when new material is hitting the market for the first time
  • Discover the cities that are seeing higher engagement or scans per user
  • Understand more about the consumer, such as native language, to uncover new markets
  • Compare performance across previous or current campaigns to measure effectiveness
  • View how traditional media is being shared via mobile social media channels like Facebook and Twitter

Screenshots below and more information here.

Engagement by city
Gender by age group
Day of week trend
Introducing mVision Insights

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