Scanbuy Licenses Microsoft Tag Technology

Scanbuy and MicrosoftScanbuy announced today that it has been chosen by Microsoft as a licensee of the mobile barcode technology, Microsoft Tag.

Microsoft also announced that it will shut down the Microsoft Tag Service in two years, on Aug. 19, 2015. For current Microsoft Tag customers, for the next two years the Microsoft Tag Service will continue running as it has been. All Microsoft Tags in the market will c­­ontinue to work, new codes can be generated, and scan reports will be available as usual through the Microsoft Tag Service until Aug. 19, 2015. Scanbuy plans to support Microsoft Tag Technology on the ScanLife platform beginning no later than Sept. 18, 2013, and to offer transition and migration services to Microsoft Tag customers who choose to migrate to the ScanLife platform. This transition path will help current Microsoft Tag customers to continue running campaigns using Microsoft Tags on the ScanLife platform.

Current Microsoft Tag customers will be offered the opportunity to migrate their codes, scan history, account information and all other data to the ScanLife platform and users of the Microsoft Tag mobile app will be offered versions of the Scanbuy Tag mobile app.

Prior to the announcement I asked Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy a few questions and here are some answers taken from the conversation.

Q. Scanbuy has a perfectly good platform at the moment, so what are the advantages of licensing the Microsoft Tag platform?

A. To clarify, Scanbuy is licensing the Microsoft Tag technology, not platform. During the next two years, Scanbuy is offering Microsoft Tag customers the ability to migrate to the ScanLife platform. This will allow brands to create new mobile engagement campaigns with multiple mobile triggers including Microsoft Tags, QR Codes, Datamatrix, or EZCode formats as well gives ScanLife’s current 80 million users the ability to scan Microsoft Tag symbology.

Q. Are you intending to promote Microsoft Tags?

A. Yes, we will offer white label programs to our customers that feature Microsoft Tag as well as offer Microsoft Tag scanning capabilities to our ScanLife app.

Q. What are your plans for the Microsoft Tag platform?

A. Scanbuy plans to advance the Microsoft Tag technology as well as leverage its benefits for specific use cases, including being able to offer features off-line when there is no Internet connection and offering a high-level of security because of its proprietary format.

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