Sawdust QR Codes Increase Donations

QR Codes have been successfully used to raise funds for a small museum (Museo de la Semana Santa) in Antigua Guatemala (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Over a million tourists gather to watch the annual Holy Week (Semana Santa) processions which are considered to be among the most spectacular and elaborate in the world. Locals work together for days to make highly decorative sawdust carpets (alfombras) for the processions to walk over, destroying them in the process (image below).

The Guatemala office of Saatchi & Saatchi had the clever idea of incorporating QR Codes in the sawdust carpets (video below). The 350 QR Codes were scanned 114,000 times over the three days of the festival and donations to the museum exceed expectations by 470%.

Sawdust carpet with a QR Code

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