5 thoughts on “San Diego Zoo Signage with QR Codes”

  1. Did you know that you can actually even attach a “bit” to existing QR codes as well?

    Its not intuitive, but if you scan QR code with stickybits app, you get one UX, and you scan with a QR reader you get another UX.

    I think this looks like a fun project. Who doesn’t love the zoo?

  2. Just tried out the QR code in the pic here using my iPhone ScanLife app! I’m a huge Foursquare user and love zoos so now I can learn more about Galapagos tortoises right from my NYC desk!

  3. OK, a little bit of naysaying may be appropriate? Or, some devil’s advocate role…

    Anyone remember “Be Here Now?”

    This quest to “Be Elsewhere via QR” is troublesome. A kid at the zoo should be engaged with friends, family, actual social interaction. And, get a feel for the creature in front of them.

    Otherwise, like @joyce above, just stay home and “experience” it through your phone or online.

    There may be a good application within Zoos or Museums, to acquire data for doing a report or something that you can save for later. But, the constant need to live “within” our mobile devices means we are missing out on the World around us.

    Hey, I’m a proponent of QR and feel it has some great applications and value. But, as we watch the true social fabric of families and communities continue to degrade (with some illusion that “social media” will make everything all right), well, I feel that we’re losing something. So, I can’t advocate this cool application of QR. I think people will miss something, not gain something, through it’s use.

    And, for a kid at a zoo, I hope they look into the eyes of the animals and watch them move. Not look at their screen (and, worse, embark on a quest to be a meaningless Mayor of nothing).


  4. Perfect application of QR Code integrated with marketing with information.

    I don’t see a group of small children possessing smartphones and reading codes, I still see them looking at the creatures live and amazed as always.

    What I see is the parent or teacher or guardian, who would more likely have the smartphone, scanning and adding to the learnng lesson of the zoo experience by reading aloud the information to the children as well as bookmarking it for later teaching/sharing use.

    Just my 2 cents…

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