The NFC Revolution Begins

Samsung now has an answer for owners of the new Galaxy SIII when they ask “What can I do with the NFC tag reader”. The answer is buy five TecTile™ programmable NFC sticker tags for $14.99, download and launch the TecTile app, choose the action you require and hold the phone over a TecTile™ to program it, and then simply put the programmed TecTile™ in a convenient location for use by yourself or others (video below). In my opinion this initiative by Samsung is the beginning of the mass adoption of NFC as early adopters find ingenious and useful ways to use the tags, more details on Samsung’s microsite.

1 thought on “The NFC Revolution Begins”

  1. Difficult to say it’s the beginning, when Sony has already launched something similar months ago with the Sony Smarttags.
    Anyway, whether this is Sony or Samsung, they are selling overpriced NFC tags. I bought a set of cheap NFC tags on the net for half if not quarter the price of Sony’s, and used “Smarttags maker” so these tags would be recognized as Sony’s.

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