On Location in Rome With QR Codes

Network engineer and polymath Adriano Parracciani has lived in Rome all his life and has found an ingenious use for QR Codes. His book ‘GeoFilm Rome’ is a guide to the city through the films that have used the streets, squares and bridges to shoot on location. On the left page of the book is the title and pertinent details of the film and on the right are two QR Codes (image below). One resolves to a short clip of the relevant scene and the second to the relevant Google map streetview (images below). The book is available for just over $10 plus shipping only from here.

QR Code book cover for GeoFilm Rome
Inside pages of GeoFilm Rome

4 thoughts on “On Location in Rome With QR Codes”

  1. Hi Roger, very ingenious indeed! Thank you for all your terrific efforts to evangelize the use of 2D / QR codes, it seems the wave is unstoppable now, and I for one, really enjoy your global pursuit of “new” news on this exciting topic.

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