The QR Code From Ipanema

Rio de Janeiro is using QR Code mosaics in sidewalks to provide tourist information in 30 locations throughout the city, including the famous walkways overlooking Copacabana and Ipanema beach. The QR Codes resolve to a mobile site providing information on the origin of the name of the place and nearby restaurants, bars, shopping centers and cultural options.

The project aptly called QRIO uses the basalt and limestone calçada portuguesa (Portuguese pavement) style, a traditional cobblestone pavement used in many pedestrian areas of Portugal for hundreds of years. The image below is the first installation at Arpoador beach with the QR Code resolving to this microsite and the video is from the PR Company for the project.

The PR company is going to have to spend a lot of time explaining why the QR Codes are very difficult to scan. High gloss stones in strong sunlight do not provide enough contrast and QR Codes with a black border are too much for some scanners. However they do look nice 🙂

QR Code at Arpoador beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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